German Language Coaching for Job and Education

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With the individual language coaching, you will gain self-confidence in your ability to speak German and reach your goals more easily. In individual face-to-face sessions, our well-trained coaches will assist you in preparing for your personal challenges and finding ways to master them. 

Who is this coaching for?

You can sign up for the CQ Coaching in Berlin, if you:

  • If you want to qualify for a German-speaking work environment
  • If you want to prepare for a language examination in your integration course or another language course
  • For immigrants on their career path
  • For people looking for a job, an apprenticeship, a university programme or an internship
  • For freelancers

Take your professional career to the next level!

This is expecting you

Our offer

Module 1: The current state

  • Determining linguistical competencies
  • Help you define learning objectives

Module 2: Business language coaching

  • Communication at the workplace

Module 3: German in (further) education, studies and job

  • Reading strategies for understanding and working with texts
  • Text production and wording exercises
  • Building and expanding work-related vocabulary

Module 4: Listening and speaking skills

  • Goal: clearer pronunciation, language fluency
  • Paraverbal communication - voice, intonation, prosody: exercises on pitch, resonance, articulation, volume, pace, melody and pausing
  • Clear articulation, convincing presentation, expression, free speech

Module 5: Preparation for language exams (B1- C1)

  • Helpful use of rethorics
  • Answer strategies for exam questions
  • Understanding exam questions with complicated wording
  • Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written and oral expression

Module 6: Communication in the application process

  • Correct linguistic presentation

Module 7: Starting a business

  • Understanding requirements
  • Legal regulations
  • Business idea and business plan
  • Successful client communication

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You can select and combine modules according to your own choice. Coaching usually takes place twice a week with 4 teaching units at a time (4 units of 45 min each). You can book up to 64 teaching units over 8 weeks. Coaching appointments are made after an initial consultation. You can start your coaching at any time. The coaching is certified for AZAV (Accreditation and approval regulation for employment aid). People currently looking for employment can obtain funding through AVGS (activation and placement vouchers following §45 para.1, Nr.1 SGB III). If you have any questions on how to get AVGS funding we are more than happy to provide you with further information

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