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There are countless opportunities to take the next step in your career. But which path should you choose? The CQ Application Coaching JobNavi – Career and Life Coaching is designed to support you in your career orientation. Experienced experts will guide you with individual solutions so that you can take up work. We help you initialize your application process successfully and individually and help you work out your ideas, abilities and experience.


Who is this coaching for?

You can sign up for the CQ Coaching in Berlin:If you are planning a career change

  • If you have completed your studies or an apprenticeship
  • If you are currently looking for work in Germany
  • If you want to return to working life
  • If you have family-related caregiving responsibilities
  • If you want to validate your apprenticeship in Germany
  • If you have studied at university without obtaining a degree


Our offer

Module 1: Discover your skill set and find new goals

  • Determining professional interests, goal and implementation options
  • Creating a profile of your stregths and work personality traits
  • Reflecting work experience and developing new options

Module 2: Activation of inner and outer resources to start a new life

  • Re-orientation in times of transition
  • Strengthening of psychological resilience to manage risk situations
  • Ways to activate resources and energy
  • Understanding the interdependency of body and soul
  • Gaining confidence in making the right decisions
  • Understanding and optimizing your own learning process

Module 3: Goal-oriented communicationDeveloping techniques for successful appearance

  • Mastering authentic communication
  • Communication in teams
  • Conflict prevention and solving through goal-oriented communication/conversational techniques

Module 4: Orientation on the Berlin job market

  • Application and search strategies
  • Ways to the right place
  • Finding the right position/ apprenticeship/ internship, understanding job ads
  • Finding the right qualification
  • Establishing your own business

Module 5: Convince people with your own strengths

  • Working on existing application documents
  • Creating an individual resume and cover letter

Module 6: Convincing presentation

  • How to make a competent first impression
  • The interview structure and typical questions
  • Preparing presentation techniques and typical conversational situations

Module 7: The phone interview

  • Development of various styles and means of communication
  • Speaking with confidence and competence
  • Specifics of communication on the phone:  tonality (voice, pitch, voice level and modulation, way of speaking, breathing, volume, sounds), rethoric techniques

Module 8: Jobcoaching – preparation/guidance of new job/internship

  • Guidance during beginning of work/ internship
  • Typically German: cultural differences in everyday work routine
  • Which social skills will your boss expect
  • How to behave around colleagues
  • Dealing with conflict arising at the workplace


You can join the individual coaching anytime, without having to wait for long. Just make an appointment with your personal coach. Start with the module, which best fits your current situation. Every module consists of roughly 8 teaching units (á 45 min). Please ask us for an individual offer.
The individual coaching is certified for AZAV (Accreditation and approval regulation for employment aid) and people looking for employment can obtain financing through AVGS (activation and placement vouchers following §45 para.1, Nr.1 SGB III). Measure-Nr.: 962/26/18.

Wir sprechen Deutsch, نحن نتكلم اللغة العربية.

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If you are a self-payer, we will provide you with an individual offer.

Customer Review
Lars, from Beruf Sprecher: "I have learned a lot of new approaches. Miss Morning has a very empathic and yet goal-oriented and holistic approach to coaching. As coachee you benefit from her many talents, extensive education, and life experiences, GREAT COACHING. Mr. Wild’s coaching clearly established the concrete need for action and how to structure tasks in everyday life.”