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Time topersoenlichkeit tuerkis finally arrive! The individual coaching Life and Work in Germany will help you achieve your goal of settling down in Germany and finding a job, an apprenticeship, a university programme or an internship. Guided by a professional coach during individual appointments, you will develop your steps to a successful start of your (professional) life in Germany. Would you like to obtain official recognition of your diplomas, professional qualifications and/or other competencies in Germany? Do you want to learn a new profession or work in a field you already have training in? Do you need help with a seemingly hopeless situation or a crisis? Would you like someone to help you make appointments with public authorities or accompany you there?

Who is this coaching for?

You can sign up for the CQ coaching in Berlin, if you:

  • If you are entitled to asylum or have applied for asylum in Germany
  • If you are enrolled in an integration or language course and you wish to work on your professional outlook on the side
  • If you wish to start studying at a German university
  • If you have been living in Germany for a while and you now wish to launch your professional career


This is expecting you

Our offer

Part A: How does Germany work?

Module 1: Find orientation to start a new life

  • Counselling on important laws and regulations in the areas of asylum, residence, labour law  and social law
  • Practical support and counselling
  • An overview of existing assistance and support structures

Module 2: Vocational training system in Germany

  • Labour market and working conditions
  • Industries with current labour needs
  • Vocational training system
  • Options of professional integration

Module 3: How do we communicate here?

  • Verbal communication and body language
  • Communication in teams
  • Conflict prevention and solving through solution-oriented communication/conversational techniques
  • Techniques of intercultural interaction
  • Values and norms in Germany
  • Equality and understanding of roles in society

Part B: Learning and working for a new future

Module 4: Activation of inner and outer power sources to facilitate the new life

  • Re-orientation in times of transition
  • Strengthening of psychological resilience to manage risk situations
  • Ways to activate resources and energy
  • Understanding the interdependency of body and soul
  • Gaining confidence in making the right decisions
  • Understanding and optimizing your own learning process

Module 5: Individual orientation on the  labour market

  • Discovering your professional skills
  • Developing career goals
  • Evaluating individual options and developing different possible career paths in Germany
  • Developing goal-oriented application strategies
  • Finding the right job position/ apprenticeship/ internship, understanding job advertisements
  • Finding the right training programme

Module 6: The professional application

  • Preparing a professional resume/ CV and cover letter
  • Checking and initiating official recognition of qualifications
  • Using digital media throughout the application process
  • We can also accompany you to appointments with employers

Module 7: The perfect job interview

  • How does an interview work and how do I present myself? Which questions will be asked?
  • Preparation for live interviews and assessment-center tests
  • Phone interviews

Module 8: Language coaching: Language – Learning – Understanding

  • Practicing typical situations at work or during training

Part C: Entering the job market

Module 9: Everyday life in a German company

  • Typically German: cultural differences in business routines
  • Which social skills will the boss expect
  • How to behave toward colleagues
  • Dealing with conflict at the workplace

Module 10: Preparation of and support during an internship

  • We can help you find and apply for an internship
  • Internship follow-up


You can freely select and combine modules. Coaching usually takes place twice a week with 4 teaching units at a time (4 units of 45 min each), over a time period of 8 weeks. You have components from 10 modules at your disposal, from which you can compile an individual program after talking to potential cost bearers. Appointments are made after an initial consultation. You can start your coaching at any time.

The coaching is certified for AZAV (Accreditation and approval regulation for employment aid). People currently looking for employment can obtain funding through AVGS (activation and placement vouchers following §45 para.1, Nr.1 SGB III).: Measure-Nr.: 962/25/18.

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Customer Review
"The coaching was very good. It has opened my eyes to so many things. My coach works with all her heart. "