Strengthen individual skills with coaching

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In the rapidly changing business world, flexibility is required. This also means knowing individual strengths and placing them well in the professional context. This applies equally to managers, the self-employed and those starting their careers.

Start over with coaching

CQ uses different formats of personnel development in order to make potentials visible and to develop personal goals. In individual coaching, we work according to the systemic approach, which takes into account all facets of the personality and their environment. Depending on the question, you will find specialized coaches with us. They work closely together to inspire and advance you in a variety of ways:


"The first and most important step in improving your company's efficiency is coaching. We define your goals together and achieve them step by step."

Marlies Schlippes, project management coaching
  +49 30 421539 16


"Personal development must never be separated from professional development. When looking for the best possible solution for you, we take all effective factors into account."

Kerstin Bazin, project management career choice coaching
  +49 30 421539 17


"Coaching is the process in which you are equipped with the tools and competencies that optimally contribute to your personal development and the success of your company."

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