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This is what our customers say about our training courses


Manfred N., biochemist: "I liked the content of the training, especially NGS, competent teachers, very good atmosphere."

Anja B., Master of Science: "The further training gave me a good basic understanding of programming work, which I can now build on to acquire knowledge myself."

Lars Z.: "Professional organization, intensive, performance-oriented lessons, structured process, very good organization with regard to internship procurement, always helpful staff."


Zewa M., biological/chemical technical assistant "I liked the practical part and the internship. The theory was good too, but a lot. The internship helped me and I had good experiences. "

Dr. Mohammad R.: "Good working atmosphere, good lecturers and special thanks to the course management. The further training resulted in a job for me through the internship."

Darina, S., medicinal/technical laboratory assistant: "With the help of further training, I was able to expand my range of methods. The lecturers are very well trained and demand a pleasantly high level."


Alaaldin A., food technologist: "The further training helped me to advance and I was able to expand my knowledge in the field of food technology.“

Martin B., laboratory chemist: "Despite a lack of professional experience, the further training led to an employment relationship. Thank you for the opportunity."

Nadia G., chemical/technical assistant: "The laboratory phase at Beuth Hochschule is very important for micro and cell biology. I find the further training very helpful for my job."


Yazan M., biologist: "The course was very well organized and can be recommended. The staff at CQ were always helpful and friendly."

Uschi G.: "A good overview of the various laboratory methods and the course is well suited as a refresher for existing professional knowledge.“

C.B., laboratory biologist: "New insight into the laboratory world, renewed safety in the laboratory and a familiar atmosphere."

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Siegbert K., construction manager: "Practical relevance through the workshop was given. Good communication of the learning content by the speaker."

Bernold M., planner/managing director: "Quick confirmation of training, knowledgeable speaker, ENEV topics very well chosen and explained, good training rooms."

Tianhong Y., project engineer: "The lecturer had extensive practical experience, listened to us, was friendly and always helpful."


André R., CEO: "The course was very interesting and instructive. I took a lot with me, even though I am out and about in fire protection every day."

Bodo K.: "The practical importance of the activity was placed in the foreground in the course, not just the 'cramming' of the material"

Sven, event-manager: "The lecturers were very open to industry-specific questions (for me: event management) and independently referred to problems."


Andreas S., self-employed as lessor: "Personal and current problems were dealt with very intensively. There were also practical examples of problem solving and changes."

Matthias B., fire-safety engineer: "The seminar was designed to be exciting and interesting. All questions and topics were answered very well. "

René K., office Manager: "The organization was very good. A third participation at CQ was again very interesting and informative. I will gladly come again. Thanks also to Mr. Lichtenstein."


Karsten S., technical management: "I liked the breadth of the topic, the technical quality, the lecturer and the topic selection."

R. T., assistant to the board: "The references and the approach to the individual projects of the student village should be positively emphasized."

M.M.: "I particularly liked the practice-related theming. The instructor was also excellent and followed a well-designed process."

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Melanie G., doctor's assistant: "All topics were very practical with extensive background knowledge. A very informative seminar, really recommendable."

Jana M., occupational health assistant: "The lecturers are dynamic, very well-versed, committed and completely with their participants."

Madlen G., doctor's assistant: "For me, the training at CQ was a complete success; I can now apply a lot from it in my new management position.."


Heike K., project manager: "The refresher for occupational safety specialists is always very helpful and well organized. Very good professional competence. I am always happy to recommend CQ."

Volker P., project manager: "I really enjoyed the presentations by Ms. Kemter and Mr. Kranz. Refreshments and updates were very well explained."

Sven T., safety coordinator: "I particularly liked the way in which knowledge is taught, more than 80% of it stay with you."


Bennet S., Sr. QA Engineer: "I liked the short duration of the course and the content. In addition, many documents have been received and practical examples have been used."

Thomas B., safety engineer: "Despite Corona, the training was carried out. The lecturers are technically well-versed and always brought examples from practice."

Michael K., safety engineer "Very committed, competent and friendly project staff / managers at CQ who are always ready to listen."


Dietmar K.: "The training is very practical and was interesting, varied and entertaining. You also get good teaching material."

Uwe K., technical manager: "Very well qualified lecturer with very good practical knowledge. He responded well to the questions and conveyed the content in an understandable way."

Hendrik M., safety engineer: "Questions were answered, very knowledgeable course instructor, better organization in health and safety issues."


Jörg K., maintenance: "Clear and structured compilation of the topics. Simple and extensive presentation of regulations."

A. N., department manager: "The subject was dealt with very well. Open points in production have become clear."

Gerd S., master craftsmen tool mechanics: "Questions were answered, very knowledgeable course instructor, better organization in health and safety issues."


Justus S., IT-administrator:"Direct and highly skilled conveyance of content with very good practical relevance."

Roswitha, T., assistant to the board: "The number of participants was optimal. The lecturer was technically competent and the time was appropriate."

Gajana, H., rental / finance management: "I had no prior knowledge of occupational safety. Now I've got a very good overview."

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Dörte M., estate agent: "At first I was very skeptical about online coaching. I was very positively surprised at how well online coaching worked for me."

Anja S., store manager: "Good organization and process of coaching. The coaching gave me a lot of pleasure and motivated me very much."

I. U., political scientist: "The coach responded to my needs and clearly recognized what I still need to find my way back into working life."


Line D., training to become a kindergarten teacher: "I liked the coaching at CQ. It was very helpful to me. This is how I achieved my professional goals."

Yazan A.: "The coaching helped me a lot and I can absolutely recommend anyone looking for a training position or internship in Germany to do a coaching at CQ."

Verena S., organizational development: "The coaching at CQ Beratung + Bildung has helped me a lot with my professional (re) orientation. I now know much more clearly what my strengths are."


Matteo M., movie director: "The course was very interesting and I improved my language and communication skills in German. My coach was a very good teacher."

A.R., pedagogue: "The coach was very nice and I learned a lot. He gave me a lot of motivation and self-confidence and helped to prepare my documents."

J. S. E., mason: "The coaching gave me good professional orientation. I've learned a lot of job-specific vocabulary that will help me with job interviews."


Sandra K., highschool graduate: "Before the coaching, I had no plan at all and I felt bad. In the coaching, it slowly dawned on me and I dared to address my concerns."

Nils W, student of economics: "In the coaching I recognized my strengths that I had previously overlooked. This resulted in completely new perspectives that fit my interests perfectly."

Anita K., HR manager (mother): "Thank you for the good advice. I am very happy that my daughter has now found a way for herself, thanks to your support. I also realized how I can strengthen her."

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