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Are you about to graduate from high-school and have no idea how to proceed? Which job suits you? Which study is right for you? In our individual career choice coaching we highlight your strengths and talents together with you. We promote your self-confidence and motivation and help you with decision-making. You will receive all the information you need for your career choice. Your coach gives you orientation and supports you on your way to a happy and fulfilling future. 

You will soon have a plan, successfully complete the next steps and be proud of yourself. 

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In terms of content, the coaching process focuses on your future - depending on your current situation - and the following questions:

  • Which job fits me?
  • What do I do after I graduate?
  • What should I study?

The coaching has a modular structure. You choose the modules after the initial interview with our help.

  • We work with personality tests, determine your learning type, analyze which experiences you already bring to the table, give you information about job profiles and training directions, work out your goal and the next steps how you can achieve it. We also support you with applications and interviews.
  • We will find role models, mentors or potential employers for you to meet. With us you will also meet other young people who are already successfully on their way. Your parents will see that you are doing well and support you in the right areas if necessary.
  • Only when you are satisfied and happy with the path you've outlined, we have accomplished our task.

Our coaching in Berlin suits you if you:

  • are about to graduate (Abitur) and still need orientation.
  • have just graduated from high school and can't decide.
  • have graduated from high school awhile ago and you are "still" looking for a career path.
  • are dissatisfied with an apprenticeship after graduating from high school and wonder how things could go on.
  • have started a degree and realize that it is not right for you.

You can take part in career advice and study advice online at any time. Or maybe combine a few hours on site and a few hours online coaching. If you should need it, we will of course be happy to help you set up the technical requirements.

Contact us now for a non-binding, free initial consultation.

Would you like your child to choose a career or study that motivates and makes them happy? Would you like the support of experienced professionals? We support you and your child with individual coaching. You will receive concrete results in writing. You will learn how you can participate as well. We will provide you with advice and support. You can interexchange with other parents and relatives if necessary.

Just give us a call and make an appointment. In a free initial interview we get to know each other and find out what your needs are. Then we will give you a concrete assessment of what your path to success can look like.

We recommend sessions lasting two to four hours each. Depending on your needs, you would have results ready for implementation after three to five meetings. Our services are charged on an hourly basis. If the results are successful, coaching can end even if it has been agreed for a longer period.

You will receive a written offer containing the scope and costs of our services, so you can make your own decision at home.

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