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 You finally got the job. The employment contract is signed, you look forward to this new challenge. In order to successfully pass the probation period, you are looking for individual advice that will help you with the induction and beyond. The on-the-job coaching gives you the opportunity, through one-to-one conversations with your coach, to set a path to successfully stay in the job.
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Individual coaching supports you in successfully passing the trial period. The modules are freely selectable. The coaching process is adaptable to your needs and it is time flexible.

Module 1: Ready for the world of work - my employer
  • manage everyday requirements.
Module 2: Developing social skills, increasing motivation:
  • reflect and stabilize existing strengths..
Module 3: Goal-oriented communication:
  • overcoming conflicts and (technical) language challenges.
Module 4: Time and self management:
  • recognize core tasks, handle routines and set priorities.

You can take part in coaching on the job in Berlin if you:

  • are a young professional or have recently started to work after unemployment or want to take up a new position soon.
  • are a freelancer or self-employed and have taken up part-time employment as a second source of income.
  • are a foreign specialist and you may not yet have all the necessary expertise or language skills.

The coaching on the job can be carried out online, from the initial interview to the individual coaching and the successful conclusion, so that you can use your time and get ahead personally from home. We support you comprehensively in setting up the technical requirements.

The coaching accompanies you during the onboarding phase and prepares you for new challenges, both personal and professional. After the coaching, you will have strengthened your work processes, your communication skills, and your time and self-management. With all these developments, you can utilise your full potential with the (new) employer.

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For job seekers, funding is possible with AVGS (according to Section 45 Paragraph 1, Sentence 1 No. 5 SGB III). Reference number: 962/91/20. We will gladly advise you and prepare an offer. Please contact us to develop the opportunity to fund a training.

You can find an overview of various options in our list of fundings.

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