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In order to keep up with the digital transformation and to correctly understand and apply digitization and economy 4.0, some important skills are required. What does development mean for my own profession and how can I base my professional profile on it? What role do I play as a person and to what extent do new forms of work, requirements and opportunities develop? Our coaching supports you in understanding and classifying current processes, which enables you to create agile approaches for digital innovation in your day-to-day work and for your colleagues. Give yourself the chance to get familiar with the digital transformation and discover previously unknown potential for your everyday work.

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Digitalisation Quiz CQ


Individual coaching supports you in getting familiar with digitization. The modules are freely selectable. The coaching takes place according to your needs and is time-flexible.

Module 1: Go-digital: Competency requirements 4.0

  • Analysis of individual potential, definition of goals, determination of digital skills

Module 2: Sensitisation to technological foundations of digitization

  • Understand, experience and practice digital techniques (Big Data, VR, Cloud-Computing, machine learning)

Module 3: Digitalization perspective: Orientation in the job market

  • Development of your individual digital timetable, freelance as a career option

Module 4: New types of work in a digital working world

  • Visual & Design Thinking, agility and communication, digital corporate culture and leadership

Module 5: Soft Skills: Social Skills for Digitization

  • Determination of learning habits, self-management, focus and value coaching

Module 6: Application strategies and procedures in the digital age

  • Get to know digital recruitment strategies, examine your documents, optimize your interviews

You can take part in the CQ Digitization Coaching in Berlin if you:

  • are looking for a job with a degree and / or completed vocational training.
  • are returning to work.
  • are a freelancer or self-employed.
  • seek a change in your job.
Online participation for the digitization coaching is possible at any time. From consultation to coaching, you can communicate with us from the comfort of your home. We are happy to support you with the installation, just talk to us.
The Digitization Coaching from CQ will prepare you for new competence requirements and help you with the use of various forms of digital instruments at the work place.



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