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Finally speak German confidently in your job. With the Language Coaching in Berlin you will gain assertiveness in speaking and an impulse to reach your concrete goals. In individual sessions with trained coaches, you will address your challenges in two-person discussions and prepare together to successfully master the upcoming steps in training or further education or on the job. This is the perfect preparation for starting your new job.

Wir sprechen Deutsch, we speak English, nous parlons Français, hablamos Español, نحن نتكلم اللغة العربية.

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CQ Berlin offers the following bookable modules for your personal language coaching:

Module 1: Basic Module Profiling: Assessment of Vocational and Language Competencies

  • Capturing language competencies
  • Defining learning objectives according to vocational requirements

Module 2: Business Language Coaching

  • Workplace communication, conversation management, small talk
  • Writing job-specific texts (e.g., reports, documentation, minutes)
  • Confidence and fluency in communication, including negotiation skills
  • Professional preparation and delivery of presentations

Module 3: Professional Application of the German Language in Education, Training, Studies, and Profession

  • Reading strategies for understanding technical texts and independent knowledge acquisition from technical texts
  • Mastering linguistically challenging situations without fear
  • Building or expanding occupation-specific vocabulary

Module 4: Optimizing Career Opportunities through Content-Based Listening Comprehension and Clear Pronunciation

  • Intensive listening and pronunciation exercises
  • Adding: Intonation, speaking pace, prosody
  • Adding: Correct interpretation of body language

Module 5: Preparation for Examination Situations (e.g., Telc B1/B2, C1/C2)

  • Targeted exam preparation, better understanding of exam tasks
  • Dealing with negative experiences and fear of failure

Module 6: Communication in the Job Application Process

  • Formulating a correct resume and cover letter
  • Practicing job interviews

The coaching is open to all people who are interested in learning the German language and improving it for the work environment. You can sign up for the CQ Coaching in Berlin, if you:

  • want to practice and improve your German language for a job or study
  • as a participant in language courses have to prepare for exam situations (exams B2, C1, C2)
  • are interested in optimizing your German technical language in order to increase your chances on the job market

You are welcome to take the language coaching online. We will be happy to advise you on the requirements and offer support with technical questions. Our coaches are qualified to make it easier for you to get started with online coaching.

Participation in the German language coaching for work and education makes it easier for you to get started in the professional environment and prepares you for exam situations. With the modular structure of the individual coaching, we enable a tailor-made approach to your wishes and preferences. In this way you will apply and develop your German skills in a goal-oriented manner and face future challenges with confidence.

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The Coaching can be funded with an activation and placement voucher (AVGS according to §45 Paragraph 1, No. 1 SGB III): Reference number: 962/23/24.

You can find an overview of various options in our list of fundings.

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