Career Opportunities in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is on the rise - natural scientists benefit from a wide range of opportunities in the biotechnology field in Germany. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has become the focus of public interest. For several weeks, scientific findings and biotechnological topics were the central focus of news coverage. BIOCOM's annual statistics underscore the ongoing growth of the sector and highlight its diverse potential. In addition to research on vaccines, biotechnology is involved in many other relevant areas.Biotechnologie Weiterbildung CQ Blog Header



Biotechnologie Arbeit Statistik CQ BlogAn elementary component of modern society 

Biotechnology has become an essential part of our lives. Scientists are constantly working on the development of new environmentally friendly cosmetics and detergents. Research is being conducted on vaccines and cancer cures.

In almost all major cities and regions, new technology parks and companies are being set up and research and inventions are being worked on.The wide range of possible applications combined with the mentioned sectors offer the ideal career entry for natural scientists in the industry.

The Life Science industry in an overview

Lots of data is evaluated and laboratory experiments are executed for the named application areas. Scientists use certain methods and skills for the implementation. Python and R are popular programming languages which they use in the evaluation.

SQL databases are also a popular expertise that is in high demand among employers.


Master the (lateral) entry successfullyBiotechnologie Standorte CQ Blog

Once you have decided to make a lateral career entry in bioinformatics or to acquire useful interface knowledge for the lab, the market offers scientists a wide range of training options. Not only the individual scientific institutes, such as the Max Planck Institute or the Max Delbrück Institute, offer a variety of courses, but also universities and private training providers are a good place to start obtaining a broad training portfolio.

The advantage of private training providers lays in the possible subsidy of the costs. Oftentimes courses are subsidized up to 100 percent by the Federal Employment Agency through an education voucher. If one is thus in-between the jobs and/or on the search for a new occupation, the further training can be used as optimal supplement and transition.

The databases of the Employment Agency, Kursnet, or private databases such as Kursfinder, Weiterbildungsdatenbank Berlin / Brandenburg provide a useful overview of the individual offers. In addition, the LernLäden and Jobpoints provide individual and independent advice on opportunities for further education.


Boosting your career with CQ 


Biotechnologie Weiterbildung CQ BlogTraining in bioinformatics and biostatistics

Continuing education courses in the interfaces NGS, SQL, Python and R support scientists to make a lateral entry into bioinformatics. A 9-month course, including an internship, provides a solid basic knowledge of the subject. The intensive and individual application coaching and the use of the CQ-networks are further evidence for the successful training. The evaluations and analysis show that our graduates acquire an important interface competence in addition to their degree through the continuing education courses and thus succeed on the job market and are in high demand.


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Training in laboratory methods

Even those who are planning to re-enter a laboratory job can bring themselves up to date with the further training. Thanks to the cooperation with the Gläsernen Labor and the Beuth University of Applied Sciences, CQ offers the best training conditions using the latest technologies. The integrated internship at the end of the training can serve as a stepping-stone to a new employment.


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