The digital change in the world of work and education

What do we mean by digitization? The term describes the change of processes and events with the help of technology, more precisely digital devices. It is quite obvious that digitization is becoming increasingly important, especially for modern companies.

After all, digital change brings many advantages, which benefit not only the worker himself, but also customers. The processes that are digitized are those that are treated in the classic face-to-face process without existing technical possibilities. In the digital version, on the other hand, they are not tied to a specific location and therefore no longer require the daily mobilization to the company premises in order to do the work or to use the product offered as a customer.

This raises many questions for both employees and employers:

  • What does digitized work 4.0 look like?
  • How do I digitize data and processes?
  • What effects does digitalization have on personnel development?
  • How do I get / stay digitally fit?
  • How does specialized education and training change with digitization?

Digitization in the education sector  

The topic of digitization is particularly relevant to the education sector. New measures are being taken step by step to enable digital learning and to ensure access to education anywhere and at any time. This is precisely the purpose of digitization - constant availability. There are now many online tools that simplify learning from anywhere, e.g. recorded online tutorials that promote learning processes and additionally support the teacher in class design. In the meantime, we have reached a point where it is even possible to hold lessons entirely digitally, where teaching staff and learners can exchange views and see each other live online. Not so long ago, such processes would have been unthinkable, this shows us how fast digitization is progressing.

How important is digitization for CQ?

For CQ as a training company, digital change touches important topics for us. Topics such as online coaching, online meetings and the digital classroom are therefore becoming increasingly common for us.

The demand for specialized education and training is significant. Never before have people been so keen to find and develop themselves and to constantly expand their knowledge. Activities and policies that support this are always in demand. And this is exactly where CQ takes action. We offer training in specific industries as well as career, language and career choice coaching. But what does digitization have to do with it? By converting our training offers into digital variants (e.g. when training as an energy consultant), we give our customers the opportunity to take part in trainings in Germany, but saving long journeys if necessary and thus better integrating the training into the everyday life.

Graphik digitalisierungE Learning Bitkom

Source: Bitkom

Accelerated digitization - the corona impact
Digitalisierung Chancen

Especially in economic crisis situations, it becomes clear that the speed with which digitization is being carried out is becoming increasingly important. Thus, even in times of Corona, life and, above all, an economy without digital alternatives to the usual “real life business” is unthinkable. Online meetings, digital learning platforms and programs as well as online lectures have since determined the everyday life of many learners. At first, this is of course a major challenge, since the digital alternatives have been just that, alternatives. Now, however, they are the only means of implementing and maintaining educational mediation. At the same time, such an exceptional situation is also an opportunity, since digitization has to be worked on and revised at high pressure and therefore also receives attention and constant improvement that might not have taken place to the same extent under other circumstances.

Digitization at CQ - a head start through knowledge

For CQ profits as well from the challenges of digitization and turns it into a personal opportunity. Classic face-to-face coaching became online coaching via an online meeting, training in the CQ premises became online seminar rooms, and offices with employees sitting together became a series of home offices with a digital connection to the usual workplace. All of this may at first seem rather impersonal, after all, being together in coaching, in training or simply in a team is an otherwise normal part of everyday business. But digitization also brings numerous vital benefits.

Coaching Digitalisierung kleinOnline coaching - creative enrichment through digitalization

While classic coaching is usually carried out in the premises provided for this purpose in the CQ building, online coaching can be carried out at any location using digital tools and offers both the coach and the customer the advantage of not having to travel long distances. The convenience factor therefore plays a decisive role in digital alternatives.

If you are wondering whether digital measures enable the same interactive work as classic coaching, you can look forward to a range of modern tools that are constantly evolving and creatively enrich digitalization. They ensure that the coaching is lively and motivates the coachee to actively contribute to the coaching. In this way, the personal component of coaching, which is a key success factor, is not lost.

Online training - location-independent lifelong learning

The training also brings some changes in the age of digitization. CQ uses digital tools as a mean of networking lecturers and learners with one another and enabling a learning format acessible from any location. Particularly notable is the online interaction between lecturers and learners, which make the lessons appear almost as real as if it would otherwise be conducted in person. In bioinformatics, for example, this type of learning offers an efficient and digital alternative to the traditional modus operandi.
What distinguishes online training from online coaching is the option of splitting the measure into a presence group and a digital group of participants. The individual participant is not dependent on the decision of the other participants, but can decide for himself/herself whether he / she would rather follow the lesson comfortably from home or present in the group.

Conclusion - understand digitization as an opportunity

It doesn't matter whether a crisis like Corona or other reasons ensure that digitization is accelerated and improved. It definitely brings many challenges in implementation, but it also brings with it many positive opportunities. As a company, it gives CQ the opportunity to break new ground, grow and develop our full potential. CQ remains curious, sets digital trends and thus enables its customers to learn modernly and efficiently.

If you want to be / stay digitally fit yourself, our coaching for digital transformation is ideal. In this we discuss competence requirements 4.0 with you and jointly develop digital strategies for your everyday work.