FAQs for energy consultant training

The energy sector in Germany has been on the upswing for years. In addition to numerous effects in the electricity sector, the energy transition is particularly affecting the heating sector in house construction and renovation or refurbishment. In 2019, the share of final energy consumption from renewable energies in the heating sector was already 14.5% - and the trend is rising. There is an increasing demand for energy-efficient methods from private individuals and commercial companies in their construction projects. This is exactly where energy consultants come into play and provide energy consultancy with special access to public funding. In order to maintain this, however, training as an energy consultant is required.

Since there are often many questions on this topic, we have taken up the most important questions here and answered them. The questions are divided chronologically into the following 3 phases:

1. Questions before training as an energy consultant

2. Questions about training to become an energy consultant

3. Questions for already registered energy consultants

1. Before training as an energy consultant

What do energy consultants do?

As an energy consultant, you make suggestions as to how a building can be constructed or how existing buildings can be renovated or converted as energy-efficiently as possible. For new buildings, there are statutory minimum efficiency standards that must be observed. As an energy consultant, it would be your job to analyze the energy efficiency of corresponding buildings and to issue an energy performance certificate for them, in which the results are recorded.

How do I become an energy consultant?

The term energy consultant does not represent a profession that is protected by law. Accordingly, no mandatory training is required to describe yourself as an energy consultant. In order to be able to use public funding to provide energy consultancy, you must have proof of specialized training in energy consulting.

What is dena's list of energy efficiency experts (Energie-Effizienz-Expertenliste) and what does a listing bring me?

The Energy Efficiency Expert List is a Germany-wide register that only lists energy consultants who have completed specialized training in energy consulting and are allowed to carry out publicly funded energy consultations. A listing is advantageous for you, since many customers look for qualified energy consultants in their region from the list.

What is BAFA?

The abbreviation BAFA stands for Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle). BAFA is one of the public institutions that fund energy consultancy.

2. Training as an energy consultant

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What are the requirements for participating in the training?

In order to be trained as an energy consultant, you need a professional qualification in a scientific-technical field. The exact requirements are listed in Section 21 Clause 1 Paragraph 1 of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). 

How long does the training (or the various modules) take?

Depending on your vocational training and the funding programs for which you would like to be listed, the duration of the training is between 120-280 teaching units (UE). On the course page for training as an energy consultant, you will find information on the duration of training for each of our training programs.

How often do the CQ courses take place and how do I register?

Generally, we offer training dates all year round. These usually include three training courses for listing for residential buildings and two for listing for non-residential buildings. List extensions can also be carried out as part of this training.

Can I complete the training online in the webinar?

You can also attend all of our training courses in energy consulting online using a video conferencing software.

Are there funding options for the training? 

There are various funding options that you can use for the training. You can find a selection in our list of fundings. Possibly, it is worth to get information from regional development banks about possible training and education grants.

3. As registered energy consultant

How do I get myself listed for German Development Bank  (KfW) funding programs?

After successfully completing the training, you can have yourself listed on the website of the energy efficiency experts for the KfW funding programs.

How do I get listed for BAFA funding programs?

After successfully completing the training or fulfilling other admission requirements, you can get listed on the BAFA website as an energy consultant for the BAFA funding programs.

What are the requirements and guidelines for an extension in the listing in the energy efficiency expert list?

An entry in the list of energy efficiency experts is valid for three years. In order to extend the registration for three years more, you are obliged to complete a course of 24 teaching units. This training must not take place more than three years past the expiry date of the category to be extended. In addition, proof of practice must be provided to extend the listing. More detailed information on the type and scope of the practical proof can be found in the rule book of the energy efficiency expert list for federal funding programs. If no practical proof can be submitted, there is the alternative to prove an additional training of 32 units. However, it is not possible to replace the proof of practice with an increased amount of training twice in a row.