Tips & tricks for successful coaching

What is coaching and when is coaching successful? The term coaching serves as a collective term for different consulting methods, and has become more important than ever in modern times in order to be able to keep up with current demands and to continuously improve accordingly.

What differentiates coaching from traditional consulting is that the coach does not provide a direct solution, but rather accompanies the development of the coachees' own solutions. Coaching therefore always relates to the individual needs of the customer. An empathetic approach and the motivation of the coach are particularly important in order to achieve the goals of the coachee. These goals can be, for example, the assessment and development of personal skills, self-reflection or overcoming fears and hurdles. The coach always acts as a neutral as possible, yet as critical conversation partner as well, who uses different methods that are tailored to reach the objective of the coachee.

Online coaching as a modern alternative

In the digital age, online coaching is also possible as an alternative to classic face to face coaching. There is more about this in the article on digitization. A special feature of coaching is, for example, is the use of modern technological tools such as VR glasses, aiming to acquire necessary digital skills expected in the industry 4.0.

1.Language coaching - Industry-specific knowledge as the key to success

Vielfalt Coaching ProfilePeople have been able to communicate through languages ​​for many centuries. Around 6000 languages ​​are spoken worldwide. However, it is estimated that around 90 percent of these will be endangered by the end of this century. As a result, cultural diversity is shrinking and unique stories, proverbs or perspectives slowly disappear forever from the cultural memory of mankind. Now more than ever, language is considered a cultural asset and a large and important cultural heritage of any society.

Extensive human development would not be possible without languages, and personal development would also be severely limited. The German language is not the easiest. German grammar and spelling can even make native speakers go crazy in some situations. However, in many ways it is very important to be able to speak the language of the country in which one lives. This is especially true if you are looking for a job and want to work in this country, the same way as it would be in your home country.

Language coaching is the first step in the right direction. This differs in essential points from conventional language courses. Language coaching is a 1-to-1 coaching in which the coach focuses entirely on the customer and his / her individual needs. Above all, it is important that the coach has specific knowledge in which the customer has particular difficulties. This specific knowledge is also important to help the customer learn the required technical language of his / her profession. It is important not only to bring along specialized language skills for the correct execution of a profession, but also for communication with colleagues, so that misunderstandings can be avoided or minimized.

2.Intercultural coaching / integration coaching - diversity as an advantageIntegration Coaching Profile

People from all over the world immigrate to Germany due to the favorable economic situation and good living standards. For a good settling in, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the culture and traditions as well as customs. This also includes practicing a profession. However, working life and culture in Germany often differ from that of many people's home countries. Every economic system has its own peculiarities, in which everyone should be adapted to for a sustainable integration. It is an advantage to receive professional support to develop intercultural skills for these complicated processes. This can be done by an experienced coach who supports the customer with integration coaching and prepares them for a professional life in Germany.

The following steps and content are of fundamental importance:

  • Cultural foundations and habits
  • Communication structure and culture
  • Orientation on the job and education market
  • Language coaching in a professional context
  • Application process and interview
  • Preparation and support to start a job

3. Career and job coaching - adaptability and sensitivity are required

A job gives you security, and not just financially. It also gives you the feeling of being useful and being able to make a difference. For many people, practicing a profession is the way to independence. However, especially nowadays, when there are endless possibilities for self-realization, the desire for a life change often arises. This also includes changes in your career. Career progress or reorientation are terms that everyone may have already dealt with. After all, it is in the nature of humans to progress and get the best out of oneself - both for external recognition and for the particularly important personal life satisfaction.

In the digital age, the desire to work or the goals for life are changing more often - and that is completely appropriate. New paths are being taken. There are often obstacles that you can no longer overcome without help. For example, for a first job interview or an assessment center is due, an application coaching or preparation for the assessment center might be required. When starting a new job, intensive onboarding coaching is recommended. Accordingly, successful coaches are characterized by diverse profiles, adaptable approaches and a particularly pronounced sensitivity in order to be able to respond to the wishes of the coachee as individually as possible.

Conclusion - coach profiles and skills

Due to the wide range of requirements, professional profiles and individual wishes of the coachees, variety of the coaches is the central characteristic. The profiles of the coaches at CQ are characterized above all by their diversity. They bring professional experience in the fields of biology, engineering, pedagogy, medicine / nursing, art culture and creative industries, finance and the commercial sector. Psychological competencies are also important because, for example, not mastering a language can often make the person feel intimidated, and the courage to learn and actually use a language must first be gathered. The difficulties are therefore often much more profound than they appear at first and require a professional approach by the coach.Plan Coaching Profile

With the available profiles, the coaching at CQ accompanies you through all personal and professional challenges in your life and offers extremely personalized solutions through its individual approach.

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