Digitalisation Quiz

Everyone is talking about Digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Are you ready for digital transformation too?
Test your knowledge and skills with 13 interactive questions and find out your digital age.

Digitalisation quiz coaching

I know the difference between an app and an OS.


I can edit pictures, videos and audio files.


Ich kenne die Dateiformate .jpg, .mp3, .mp4 und .pdf.


I know how Cloud-Computing works.

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What are computer chips made of?


After one terabyte there is a:


When someone says 3D glasses, what do you think of?

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What are the minimum RAM requirements for a modern gaming PC?


Which of the following Windows operating systems do you remember first?


I played my first video game on

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Which storage medium did you use first?


My first cell phone was similar to a...

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As a child, how did you listen to music?