Applied Bioinformatics

biotech activeIn this further education course, you will acquire comprehensive skills in the field of bioinformatics, which represents a scientific interface between biology and informatics. This includes essentials in dealing with LINUX and evaluation methods of bioinformatics, such as sequence analysis, next generation sequencing and microarrays. Above all, you will learn about the targeted usage of (molecular-) biological databases and the application of statistical tools including the statistical evaluation programme R. Additionally, you will learn how to write smaller evaluation scripts with the programming language Python. At the end of the course, you will have the ability to work together with experts in natural sciences, mathematics and informatics to develop solutions to problems in bioinformatics. An individual project phase working in enterprises or institutions, both inland and abroad, will improve your professional prospects and employment chances.


This further education course is open to those who are interested in the fields of biology and informatics. Good English skills, a solid basic understanding of biology and mathematics, and enjoyment of working with IT applications are required. Our target group especially includes college and university graduates in biology, chemistry, informatics, mathematics, physics and medicine. Any other interested parties may also participate after individual assessment.

Course Contents

1. Communication and Personality

  • Team building, occupational profile and perspectives, job application coaching
  • Subject-specific English
  • Intercultural skills development

2. Data Processing and Programming

  • LINUX essentials
  • Scripting language Shell within LINUX
  • Programming language Python
  • Programming methods and object-orientated programming
  • Pseudocode and data structures

3. Bioinformatics and Biological Databases

  • Principles of mathematics and molecular biology
  • Biological databases
  • Database management
  • Biopython: web services
  • Sequence databases and interaction databases

4. Applied Bioinformatics

  • Sequence analysis (dot plots, alignment, BLAST etc.)
  • Molecular phylogeny
  • Structural bioinformatics, software for the visualisation of structures
  • Systems biology, next generation sequencing
  • Microarray

5. Applied Statistics

  • Principles of statistics and R
  • Multivariate statistics
  • Statistics in bioinformatics
  • Markov chain implementation in Python

6. Scientific writing and applied project work

  • Writing protocols and scientific papers
  • Project work in anticipation of the individual project phase, supported by tutorials

7. Individual project phase

  • Put your new knowledge into practice during three months in Berlin-Brandenburg! We support you in the search for suitable institutions and accompany you during your project phase via tutorials.

Future Prospects

After the successful completion of this further education course, you will receive a certificate from CQ Beratung+Bildung GmbH.

With your acquired bioinformatics interface knowledge, you will have improved your career opportunities in enterprises and research institutions specialising in biotechnology, pharmacy and medicine. Not only will the work in gene and protein analysis and in the development of pharmaceutical agents be open to you, but this course will also open up opportunities in the area of software development and data evaluation for you.


More Information


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Certified according to DIN ISO 29990:2010

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