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CQ has focus training offers in Biotechnology and Life Sciences for many years. We are a member of the Biotechnology Association Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. We also cooperate with the Berliner Hochschule für Technik, the Glass Laboratory in the Biotechpark Berlin-Buch, and the regional cluster HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg, which facilitates trhough us excellent training for technical assistants.


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Best career prospects in research and production: The capital region is one of the leading biotechnology locations in Germany with a large number of biotech companies, research institutions, and six biotechnology parks. Thanks to our remarkable relations with companies in the field and the high practical share of the training, our graduates, including BTA, CTA, MTA, have the best employment prospects in production facilities and laboratories in the region.

We can gladly inform you about your individual request to participate online in our digital classroom.


"You will learn in a protected atmosphere with a good balance between theory and practice. Terms such as FACs, ELISA, alkaline lysis and GLP will soon no longer be foreign words."

Dipl.-Biol. Antje Sonntag, project management biotech & life sciences
  +49 30 421539 21


"The internships are an optimal opportunity to put what you have learned from further training directly into practice and to create a promising position for a takeover."

Nassim El Masri, project management biotech & life sciences
  +49 30 421539 07


"Thanks to the high level of practical training in our training courses, you will consolidate your existing knowledge, learn new methods and get you started (again) in a laboratory."

Manuela Magarin, lecturer and coaching biotech & life sciences
  +49 30 421539 21

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Current trainings and seminars (German & English)

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Applied bioinformatics and biostatistics

Next course: 01.08.2024 - 31.03.2025  

The bioinformatics and biostatistics sectors are enjoying increasing popularity. With a corresponding further training in the field, you esnure a great advantage over other applicants and you facilitate a fresh start. In terms of content, there is a special focus on evaluation methods such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and sequence analyzes as well as the application of statistical procedures with R or R Studio. With an additional...


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Measure no: 962/26/2024

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NGS Data Analysis and Workflow Management

Next course: 06.05.2024 - 22.05.2024 | 03.09.2024 - 16.09.2024 

 The ability to process and analyze genomic information (DNA) in large amounts of data in a high-quality and efficient manner is becoming an increasingly important component in biological-medical issues. Thanks to new technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), bioinformatics skills are very useful for processing large amounts of data. This online training with online course days and self-study phases in e-learning provides yo...

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Current trainings and seminars (German)

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Deutsch für das Labor: Molekularbiologie, Mikrobiologie und Zellkultur

Laufender Einstieg möglich

Wer im Labor arbeitet weiß, wie wichtig genaues Arbeiten und fachliche Sprache ist. Für viele Fachkräfte, die aus dem Ausland kommen und die deutsche Sprache noch nicht perfekt beherrschen, stellt dies oft eine Herausforderung dar. Um die Sprachbarriere zu brechen ist Deutsch für das Labor entstanden. Hier wird gezielt das Vokabular und der Sprachgebrauch in der Labortätigkeit gelehrt....

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Englisch für die Bioinformatik und Biostatistik

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In der Welt der Bioinformatik mit ihren Daten und Fakten ist Englisch die lingua franca der Wissenschaft. Die Fähigkeit, Ihre Ideen und Ergebnisse präzise und überzeugend auf Englisch auszudrücken und zu präsentieren, ist von entscheidender Bedeutung, um in diesem Bereich erfolgreich zu sein. Mit unserem Sprachcoaching haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihre sprachlichen Fertigkeiten zu perfektionieren…

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