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The advanced training in applied bioinformatics and biostatistics is the acquisition of skills in an interface science between biology and computer science. You will learn bioinformatics evaluation methods such as Sequence analysis, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and the visualization of structures as well as the targeted use of (molecular) biological databases and the application of statistical methods with R / R Studio. Writing smaller evaluation scripts with the Python programming language is also part of the training and rounds off your profile with programming elements. This is how you prepare for a job at the interface of bioinformatics, statistics and programming.

For job seekers, financing with an education voucher is possible. The training is AZAV certified. Measure number: 962/19/2021.

Note: This course is taught in English only. We would gladly advise you on your participation options.

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1. Introduction to programming and Python

  • Technical English and basic molecular biology
  • Scripting language Shell (BASH) under LINUX
  • Basics of programming (programming methodology, pseudocode, data structures)
  • Python programming language, object-oriented programming
  • Code documentation and version control (Git/GitHub)
  • Job profile and prospects, application strategies

2. Bioinformatics and biodatabases

  • NCBI and interaction databases
  • Biopython: Web Services
  • Database management, SQL

3. Applied bioinformatics

  • Sequence analysis, sequencing strategies (dot plots, alignments, BLAST, etc.)
  • Structural bioinformatics, software for the visualization of structures
  • Next generation sequencing data analysis

4. Applied biostatistics

  • Statistical evaluations with R / R-Studio
  • Descriptive and multivariate statistics, statistics in bioinformatics
  • Variance, principal component, cluster and discriminant analysis
  • Workflows with R-Bioconducter
  • Markov chain implementation in Python

5. Internship

  • Joint organization of a project phase in a company / institute
    • Individual application coaching
    • Comparison of independently created company lists with the CQ company network for better coordination
    • Provision of research aids (platforms, associations, clubs, technology parks, job advertisements)
  • Possibility of applying what has been learned in a work process with real data
  • For participants who do not live in Berlin, the internship can be done in the vicinity of their respective place of residence
  • The door to a job
    • Support with the application process
    • Researched job advertisements (throughout Germany) are made available

The job advertisements will be sent weekly by email up to 6 months after the end of the training

The prerequisite is your interest in the subject areas of biology and computer science. Good English skills, a solid basic knowledge of biology and mathematics, as well as having fun using IT applications are required. The target group includes in particular academics in biology, chemistry, medicine, mathematics, physics and computer science.

You will be able to develop solutions for scientific problems together with experts from the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science. An internship in a company or institute improves your professional prospects and employment opportunities. With the knowledge you have acquired from the CQ bioinformatics training course, you have a real knowledge advantage over applicants with the same training background. Both in a bioinformatics-biostastic field of activity as well as in a laboratory.

As a rule, 3 out of 4 participants manage to get started in a corresponding activity.

Here is a first look at the topic of digital data evaluation:

Completion: After successfully completing the training, you will receive a certificate from CQ Beratung + Bildung GmbH.

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For job seekers, financing is possible with an education voucher from the Agentur für Arbeit and the Jobcenter, measure number: 962/19/2021. We would be happy to advise you and make an offer. Please contact us for an individual opportunity to promote further training.

You can find an overview of the various options in our list of funding.

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